Shot of tropical forna next to wooden cabin

4 More Weeks in Chiang Mai

Another 4 productive weeks have passed. The first week kick started with an online entrepreneur meet up at the Buristro Bar & Cafe’. Which made producing some business cards a priority. I managed to print 50 for less than £2, though the quality wasn’t the highest they did the job. The event was enjoyable, with 3 speakers taking the stage to explain their success with affiliate marketing, e-commerce, social media growth and live broadcasting. As insightful as the speakers were the subjects covered were basic however I suppose this was to be expected from the first event with a general audience plus the restrictions of a 10 minute slot. The Q&A at the end was worthwhile and I am grateful for the free pieces of information that I received. It was great to meet like minded people with expertise and knowledge in areas I had only started to understand. I was particularly drawn to people with backgrounds in SEO as the last part of my website launch was underway at around the same time.

It has taken me a few weeks to get the website in a position in which I am happy to show it to the world, but I’m elated to say it is live! Its great to hit such an important milestone to me and it makes me even more excited for the coming months. I’m aware it will take a while to truly represent the vision I have for Studio Yoto but making that happen will require the representation of varied projects meaning I had to curb my romantic nature and push it live. If you haven’t already, please take a browse around the site and let me know any feedback you have, it would be great to here from you. Expect more projects to be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Amongst the work was more exploration. One of the highlights was the live music from the Jazz Co-op. I also somehow managed to find myself at a pool party at the Japan Village in Nimman, the whole night turned out to be equally entertaining and confusing. I decided to end my stay in Chiang Mai with what I was hoped was a relaxing trip to Doi Inthanon which is the highest mountain in Thailand. The peak is 2 hours ride from the centre of Chiang Mai and it started perfectly. I made my way down south on route 3035 and 108. Ironically things started to go down hill as I started my ascent up the mountain. It started with torrential rain which I had become so familiar with which wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the increasing altitude and decreasing temperature. As my fingers started to turn blue the sense of adventure started to waver, there is only so much negative thought the landscape can distract. Luckily as I entered the final checkpoint before the peak the rain started to stop. Now was the perfect chance to buy another t-shirt and push on, after ignoring the concerns of a local shopkeeper, after all, how could I turn back 105km whiles standing only 16km from the peak? After 5 minutes I saw glimpses of the temple duo glowing amongst the grey mist, a further 10 minutes and I had reached them. I was greeted by dry tourists all hopping from tour buses, giggling with excitement which did nothing for my dwindling curiosity. After ringing out my t-shirt I took a walk around the gardens. With fingers still purple and the mountainous landscapes hidden by dense rainclouds I decided to accept defeated and return home. If I had ever lost appreciation for hot showers it had returned with a vengeance.

I could certainly think of worse ways to end my stay in Chiang Mai. I believe the city is a perfect place to start an online business, make time for fulfilling ventures or just to explore your own interests. I imagine I will be back, hopefully under less personal pressure. Now I must turn my attention to the wonders of Cambodia and Siem Reap.