Art, Design & Basketball

At this point, there have been several instances of broken down basketball courts getting more than a fresh coat of paint. The standard street basketball court has long been abandoned, locked away, destroyed, or has fallen into disuse. They are awash with seemingly irreparable damage, but it is not so.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a movement of artists teaming up with other individuals and companies to renew the courts of the streets in cities all over the world. It only takes one individual to see the need for a change. It happened with Project Blackboard back in 2014, when Daniel Peterson, a former basketball player, noticed the state of the courts in his city of Memphis.

Last year, a similar idea bloomed in Paris, Stéphane Ashpool, creative agency Ill-Studio, and NIKE, all teamed up to design and reimagine a basketball court.

The idea of using art to recreate a space and make it more alive and vibrant is exactly what we need. Nurturing community spirit whiles showcasing the synergistic nature of art and design in a brand-new way.

Images by Alex Penfornis