Nature & Interior Design

Designers are coming up with more solutions than ever to bring the beauty of nature into indoor spaces, and the results are stunning.

We have often felt the need to incorporate plants into office spaces, and studies have shown that we find nature relaxing, but a potted plant is often overlooked and uncared for, so a new solution was needed, one that could incorporate nature into our workspaces enough that we couldn’t ignore it.

In central Tokyo, local firm General Design has completed an office for a creative agency that is overfilled with plants. Greenery lines the desks, and completes the natural, wooden look of the office. The space is raw, with exposed beams and minimalist decorations. The natural lighting that floods into the office give it a gentle vibe that is rarely seen in standard office designs with harsh, fluorescent lighting.

Other popular nature designs have included laminated architectural glass, where the use of natural photography scenes of the outside is used in place of windows or wall space. The visual element brings a fresh breath of life to an indoor space, allowing us to escape from the typical mundane white-washed walls.

The results of this nature-based design challenge can become limitless. Designers are now trying to create spaces that are practical, but inspiring. Interior design has become less about plainness and equal spacing, and more about bringing a new lease on life; the effects of a woodland walk brought into a practical space.

Images by Stirling Elmendorf