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Brand Identity

Suzannah approached us to create the brand identity for her new jewellery business. With a focus on working independently and aiding larger retailers the brand needed to be representative of the skills as well as the products.

Suzannah Key is a skilled metalsmith and jewellery designer producing high-quality bespoke jewellery. Each piece is handmade by Suzannah in her workshop. Influenced primarily through illustrative thinking, she has a unique and contemporary style.

Suzannah had a general direction but needed support realising her ideas. Through regular meetings at each stage of development, we were able to breathe life into the project throughout its inception, staying true to the original ideas.

A key focus while developing the identity was to reflect the elegance and intricacy of the products and process. These two qualities recur throughout the branding. The main goal was to gain trust and create lasting relationships with clients and customers. We achieved this through simple and consistent design.

The identity captures the artisan quality of the jewellery. At first glance, the S within the logo appears bold and elegant; a closer look reveals an ornate key representing the attention to detail and intricacy.

Each design clearly communicates it’s objective independently, therefore, supporting the brand as a whole.

“It was a pleasure working with Matt. Not only did he produce a fantastic logo, brand identity and website he has been instrumental in the setting up of my business. I cannot recommend him enough.” – Suzannah Key | Founder

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